(photo courtesy of Poway Gymnastics)

Gymnasts deliver impressive results

Young gymnasts from Poway Gymnastics, 12850 Brookprinter Place, just wrapped up their last meets before the state competition and came away with impressive results:

Tricks 4 Treats Meet, held in Oceanside on Oct. 20
Kate Valencia: Vault 9.8, first place; bars 9.45, second place; beam 9.2, first place; floor 9.55, first place; All Around 38.0, first place.

Naomi Tran: vault 9.45, third place; bars 9.475, first place; beam 9.2, first place; floor 9.5, second place; All Around 37.625, second place.

Isabelle Radar: vault 9.2; bars 9.3; beam 9.35, fifth place; floor 9.525, second place; All Around 37.375, second place.

Julianna King: vault 9.4, third place; bars 9.25, fourth place; floor 9.025; All Around 36.3, fourth place

Emily Lewis: floor 9.2.

Alexis Ostrow: bars 9.175; Floor 9.375, second place.

Tasha Jeleniowski: bars 9.0, fourth place.

Desert Spooktacular, held in Palm Springs on Oct. 27
Naomi Tran: vault 9.25, fifth place; bars 9.675, first place; floor 9.425, second place; All Around 37.25, first place.

Isabelle Rader: vault 9.1, second place; bars 9.45, third place; beam 9.275, fourth place; floor 9.35, third place; All Around 37.175, first place.

Julianna King: vault 9.1; bars 9.25; beam 9.325; floor 9.3; All Around 36.975.

Kate Valencia: vault 9.275, fourth Place; bars 9.675, first place; floor 9.2; All Around 36.850.

Alexis Ostrow: bars 9.275; floor 9.325, fourth place.

Tasha Jeleniowski: beam 9.1; floor 9.15.

Alyson Stuart: bars 9.05.

Emily Lewis: floor 9.0.

Tessa Galkowski: beam 9.0.

Genevieve Angulo: vault 9.05.

(photo courtesy of Poway Gymnastics)

(photo courtesy of Poway Gymnastics)

(photo courtesy of Poway Gymnastics)