Poway High School senior Victor Marano works on his bullet journal to keep himself occupied throughout the weeks. (photo courtesy of Victor Marano)

Students cope with school shutdowns

By Ashley Shah

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Poway Unified School District (PUSD) has shut down schools through April 3. As a result, many students and families have been coping in different ways. 

“My family has been stocking up on food. We’ve bought a lot of canned food, chips and several crates of oranges. We’re just trying to prepare in case we have to go under lockdown,” said Liam Zhang, a senior at Poway High School. “During these weeks I have off of school, I’ve just been doing some research on colleges and playing video games with my friends instead of going out.” 

Families can go to schools like Valley Elementary School and Meadowbrook Middle School to go get food for breakfast or lunch. 

“It’s been really helpful to go get food at the schools. It’s nice that our community can support us at a time like this,” Poway High School freshman Eduardo Ferrusquia said.

Many students who had gone to college this year have had to come back home.

Keira Barry, a Poway High School graduate and first year student at Syracuse University in New York, had to come home. 

“I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself for the next few weeks, because who knows how long this will last. And I’m really dreading having to tune in to my 9:30 EST lecture at 6:30 PST,” Barry said. “I just hope we’ll be able to get the virus under control quickly so everyone can get back to normal life.” 

Katie Jose, a Poway High School graduate and first year student at Whitman College in Washington, also had to come home. 

“Being only five hours away from the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle, Washington, my college was experiencing the threats of the virus way earlier than most of the universities around the country,” Jose said. “My parents and sister decided to drive the 17 hours up to Walla Walla, Washington, to pick us up and help us pack up our dorms. Leaving the college so abruptly was definitely disheartening, as I wasn’t able to have a proper goodbye to my first year at Whitman. It’s been a stressful week but I’m incredibly thankful for the help I’ve gotten from my college and also with the opportunity to have a safe ride back home.” 

Other students who are staying home are trying to fill their time.

“Throughout these weeks that I have off from school, I’ve picked up a new hobby. It’s called Bullet Journaling and it’s a way for me to be creative, relieve stress and spend less time on electronics,” Poway High School senior Victor Marano said. “I’m trying to occupy myself with productive activities rather than just spending time on my phone. Personally, I am scared about the virus and its effect on our community, and I’m trying to stay indoors to help prevent the spread.”