Have you ever had a concussion?

A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury that can vary from mild to severe.

Concussions can occur in a variety of ways including falls, motor vehicle accidents, athletic incidents, horseback riding, assault and a variety of other unexpected events.

It is important to recognize that concussions must be dealt with immediately to prevent further trauma to the brain. This includes seeking immediate medical attention which can include a CT or MRI scan to rule out bleeding on the brain.

Concussions can produce a myriad of symptoms such as headaches, visual disturbance, vestibular issues, memory problems, motor problems, dizziness, processing speed problems, emotional issues and attention/concentration problems.

As part of post concussive follow up, individuals should seek out appropriate professionals to facilitate their rehabilitation. Dr. Lisa Davidson is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist in Poway with longstanding specific expertise in concussions. She conducts comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations which look at a person’s cognition, memory, visual-perceptual-motor skills and psychological factors.

Dr. Davidson is also an advocate of baseline testing in athletics whereby athletes and/or teams are given a test called IMPACT to ensure that if an athlete sustains a concussion that they are properly evaluated and returned to play safely. The return-to-play protocol aims to ensure that athletes of all ages receive proper care for their brains to mitigate the long-lasting effects that concussions may produce. Further, Dr. Davidson is offering services to concussion patients whereby she takes the information obtained via IMPACT and/or a neuropsychological evaluation and creates an individualized rehabilitation plan involving the best professionals in San Diego coupled with cognitive rehabilitation and individual therapy programs that are offered in her office.

Most importantly, Dr. Davidson is able to offer her services under most insurance plans including Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Healthnet, MHN, Medicare, Tricare, UHC/UBH and VA Choice.

It is never too late to be concerned about your brain health so please call Dr. Lisa Davidson at (858) 672-0130 to enquire about how she can help you. Her office is conveniently located at 15525 Pomerado Road, Suites C-5 & C-7 in Poway.

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