Poway Performing Arts Company hopes to eventually present Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Nile” at the Lively Center, 13250 Poway Road.

'Murder on the Nile' postponed

By Ken David

With any luck, Agatha Christie fans will eventually have a chance to discover new elements of a familiar story changed by the famed mystery author herself when the Poway Performing Arts Company (PowPAC) presents “Murder on the Nile” at the Lively Center, 13250 Poway Road.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following guidelines set forth by California Governor Gavin Newsom regarding the COVID-19 crisis, PowPAC postponed “Murder on the Nile” to a production run of May 1-May 31.

About the play:
Written by Christie in 1944 and first produced in 1946, “Murder on the Nile” is based on the crime writer’s 1937 novel “Death on the Nile.” 

In the play, everything seems to be going well for Kay Ridgeway, who has been blessed with beauty, enormous wealth and a new husband. But during her honeymoon voyage down the Nile, a brutal murder takes place and transforms an idyllic experience into a criminal mystery. Many interesting passengers fall under scrutiny, all with a reason to kill. Tension builds until a shocking conspiracy is revealed. 

PowPAC “Murder” Director Gil Savage noted that while the play’s story largely follows what those familiar with book and movie versions will know, Christie specifically rewrote the stage play without Inspector Poirot, original “Death on the Nile” protagonist and familiar Christie character, among other changes. 

“A lot of people – when I say, ‘Murder on the Nile’ – they think ‘Death on the Nile’ and they’re going to be very surprised when it doesn’t end the same way,” Savage said.

While different than the original book and film versions, Savage said mystery lovers will find all the familiar elements they’ve come to expect and enjoy from the author. 

“All her signature stuff is there,” Savage said. “There’s mystery, everybody’s a suspect, there’s a lot of red herrings. The murder mystery addicts come out of the woodwork for these things. They love to sit there and pick the thing apart as they go along and try to solve who did it and what the story is. (Christie) always does her best to save that. She didn’t change her style at all in rewriting the plays.” 

The cast of PowPAC’s “Murder on the Nile” includes Geoffrey Graeme, last seen on the PowPAC stage in “Quartet;” Melanie Mino, who appeared in “Same Time Next Year;” frequent PowPAC performer Samantha Goldstein; and newcomers to the Poway stage Adam Lightfoot and Ruth Russell. 

Savage noted that the production includes gunshots, so those sensitive to such noises should be aware. 

For more information, visit powpac.org.