Consider a ceiling fan with all the features you’ll want and need for year-round comfort and beauty. (StatePoint)

Tips for choosing a ceiling fan

(StatePoint) If you have a “less is more” outlook on home decorating purchasing decisions, you probably want your lighting fixtures to not only be functional, but also fashionable elements that complement other accessories and contribute to your overall interior design. Experts say that by shopping around, you can find a highly functional fixture that can even serve as the focal point of a room.

“Today’s ceiling fans incorporate beautiful features, such as hand carved blades, sleek finishes and natural elements, to appeal to a variety of different design trends,” said Steve Register, ceiling fan product manager for Progress Lighting.

Choose your features:
Versatile functionality. Do you want to use your ceiling fan year-round? Simply select a fan with reversible blades for the option to circulate cool air in summer or warm air in winter.

Efficiency. To save energy and green your home, consider an Energy Star rated fixture.

Lighting. To get in on today’s lighting trends, go for a layered lighting design in your space by installing a light kit or selecting a fan with a pre-installed fixture.

Control. Some fans feature full-range dimming and full-function remote control capabilities to offer added convenience in controlling a room’s environment.

Size it to your space:
Size is really important when selecting a ceiling fan. If a fan is too large, it can overwhelm the space. On the flip side, if the fan is too small, the airflow may be inadequate. The American Lighting Association suggests the following fan sizes compared to square footage.
• Up to 75 square-feet: 36 inches or less
• 75-144 square-feet: 36 to 42 inches
• 144-225 square-feet: 44 to 40 inches
• 225-400 square-feet: 50 to 54 inches

Find your style
Consider fan shape, blade features and finish to help you meet the room’s design needs. You can view Progress Lighting’s ceiling fan offerings at